Develop and own
unique heroes

Every hero will be different as you can choose a special ability for any of them. You can develop and select skills to form a skill tree and decide your hero's path. Furthermore, you can also select special perks for your hero. With these multiple combinations, every hero becomes unique. Every change will be written on the blockchain, and you will be the only owner of your heroes!

Collect digital assets
(NFTs) from the game

Everything you collect in the game will be yours and stored on the blockchain. Digital assets (NFTs) include heroes, items, perks, units, and cosmetics. Every comp consists of one hero and several units, while items can be shifted across various heroes. Perks can be consumed, giving your heroes permanent special abilities. Furthermore, you can trade your heroes, items, units, perks (if you have not consumed them), or cosmetics. Finally, you can even borrow or lend your digital assets (NFTs)!

Play To Earn

We have secured 2.5% of our ecosystem's Infinity token (INFY), which is 250,000,000 for ongoing rewards for success in the Infinity Heroes game. Early players (early adopters) will have an excellent opportunity to earn more INFY tokens.